Engineered Wood Floors

Engineered Wood Floors is the most adaptive wood flooring structure giving you more options for various installation types like environment or use with underfloor heating.

In comparison with Solid Wood Flooring Engineered Wood Flooringis more flexible and can be used in all environments but with the assurance that the structure and wear is the same if not better than that of Solid Wood Flooring without compromise on quality.

The structure is made up using layers of quality birch and hevea softwood as a core to provide the stiffening and weight, making this the ideal Real wood floor to be used with under-floor heating or in a Conservatory.

All of our engineered wood flooring are available in various thicknesses from 14mm thick with a selected 3mm top hardwood layer to 22mm with 6mm top hardwood layer, this top hardwood surface is sufficiently thick to take up to 5 or 7 sanding’s and is well maintained the surface will usually sustain 10-12 years of usage between sanding’s in a normal domestic conditions.

Buy Engineered Wood Flooring

For supply only Hardwood Floors we suggest using our supply partner Maples And Birch. Their website has a large selection of quality engineered woods to buy online. Visit or use the links below.