Parquet Wood Flooring in Kent

Over the past few centuries parquet wood floor was the floor of opulence of a grand design in buildings more so throughout Europe with some countries adopting their own parquet style none more so than France with Herringbone and Versailles.

In the UK parquet gained popularity between the Edwardian and Thirties period and is recognised by most people as being small blocks or bricks of wood set out in a pattern as a floor to reflect the style of the owner with or without a border.

Parquet flooring can be installed on most sub-floors by using various installation methods and structured blocks.

The ground floor of the house like the hall and living space is normally the opted area of install for parquet flooring, so be it a small hallway or the complete design and installation of an entire floor level we can provide you with your desired floor.

Buy Parquet Flooring

For supply only Parquet Flooring we suggest using our supply partner Maples And Birch. Their website has a large selection of quality parquet floors to buy online. Visit or use the links below.